Why we believe this site is not suitable

The voice of the Local Residents

We understand there is a need to build houses, but this Triangle isn't a suitable site.
As existing residents who know and live in the area, we tried to tell the council but they don't want to listen.
In this photo we show you why.


During the development committee meeting on 1 April 2019, members said the concerns raised previously at these meetings as part of the earlier applications were not addressed by this 5th attempt.

The height remained at eight storey high.  Some members said more should have been done to mitigate the negative biodiversity impact (which was largely because they cut at least 18 healthy trees down).  


They voted in favour to build on the site ANYWAY! It doesn't make any sense! 

This appears to be in contrast with so many policies – locally and nationally.

Here are some of the reasons we say the council got it wrong and why this isn't the right place to build 17 flats (Nine at London affordable rents / eight at Tower Hamlets Homes Social rents). The council say all of the rents offered will be at less than one third of the local income which they say averages at £31,000pa.

Last years proposed rent figures for the development:

The largest part of the building at eight storey will overlook Sir William Burrough primary school - the only side of the school that isn't already overlooked. 

The road is extremely narrow as you can see below. 


Salmon Lane is a rat run to the A13 and the Rotherhithe Tunnel and already heavily congested at peak times. Consultations are currently underway for a new Cycle highway between Hackney and the Isle of Dogs, if it goes ahead, Salmon Lane, we believe, will become even more congested!

An average day on Salmon Lane, cars trying to turn into Carr Street and drain cleaning. What if a lorry or car lost control here!

This is the architects drawing of what the new development. 

How does this build fit in with the existing infrastructure!

Of the 17 homes proposed in this development the majority will be 1 and 2 bedrooms. IS THIS REALLY ABOUT ADDRESSING OVERCROWDING?

It will be built on this GREEN space right by the canal.


Reducing daylight for Parnham Street residents (below the recommended guidelines)

Overshadowing Sir William Burrough primary school.

Removing the existing trees will increase pollution levels.

How will construction traffic navigate these narrow streets? What about deliveries? Remember the photo above of the cars turning into Carr Street! Those residents will also be overlooked by balconies from this imposing new build – blocking out most of their natural daylight.

Those hanging balconies will also be directly above pedestrians and cyclists using the towpathl!

All the existing tall buildings in the area are set back from the canal. Every single one of them.

This development will not preserve the character of the Blue Ribbon Network

The Canal & River Trust (a statutory consultee) objected to every Planning Application to build on this site.

The council are failing to adhere to their own biodiversity plans, the health and wellbeing of existing residents and it seems the health and wellbeing of school children and residents doesn't seem to matter.

The current Council Committee Members expressed concerns about the way the council had handled 'residents' concerns since they first became aware of the latest application (November 2018).

All versions of the previously rejected or withdrawn applications had the same issues. Why was this one approved when little changed?  

The development conflicts with the London Plan 2.1 re open and green spaces. It fails to improve health and address health impacts of developments which is a beach of 3.2 of the London plan.

The development conflicts with the London Plan 5.1 and 5.2 re climate change mitigation and minimising carbon dioxide emissions. 7.14 re improving air quality, 7.18 re protecting open space and 7.19 re biodiversity and access to nature.

It breaches Core Strategy SP04 and SP11 re creating a green and blue grid and working towards a zero carbon borough.

The Managing Development Document is also breached - DM9 improving air quality, DM10 as open space is lost, DM11 as biodiversity is being lost.

The development by virtue of its height, design and sitting with a lack of setback from the Regents Canal fails to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the Regents Canal Conservation Area and the Blue Ribbon Network. A breach of DM27.

The development has 2 Wheelchair accessible homes but fails to ensure the associated parking spaces are with the 50m policy target. They are 75m away!

All policies are here.

The Council want us to believe there is no perceived biodiversity loss but we believe there is a HUGE loss.

We want to reclaim the space, improve it - there are so many ideas - it can be used for the local schools as an educational space and for local residents.

Sign our petition:  We have a Plan Bee...

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Why residents MUST be heard

The community and existing residents must be allowed to have a greater say when planning applications are submitted and the council SHOULD listen to them.

The current system does NOT work, residents and children are being exploited!

Most residents are totally in the dark about planning applications until it's too late. The consultation process isn't clear.

When residents try to speak up, like we did about the Triangle, their voices are drowned out. Below you can see what the Council will allow developers to do if communities are not fully aware!

Did Tower Hamlets Council think about the children who attend Sir William Burrough primary school when they granted planning permission for this...…! Or was the site quickly sold to the highest bidder for money! You decide!


Above is one of the play areas of the mentioned primary school.What you see on the right are  bedroom and living room windows of an apartment block right on top of the school!

Below is the front of the block,  the blue gates (just visible) on the right is  another school play ground which will be overlooked by  the new development!


This block of flats has NEVER been mentioned in any documents forming part of the planning application for the Limehouse Triangle by the council, yet they are meters away from the site!

On other pages of this website you can see the planting of a cherry tree that Mayor John Biggs took part in outside the main gate of this same school. This tree was planted as part of an aim to improve air quality.

We still have life on the Triangle opposite this school, trees improve air quality NOW! It will be years before his single new tree will have the same effect.

Below on the left is the image Tower Hamlets Council included in the planning officers report which was prepared for eachof the Development Committee meetings. The above block of flats which were built in 2007 don't appear on this image - the red lines show where it should be! Oddly the steel bridge built in 2003 is visible. (Credit: Google)

The block is clearly visible in more recent google images as you can see on the right (the white building outlined in red) Why did the Council repeatedly submit the out of date picture to the Development Committee?

It's clear to see how fenced in the school is. The proposed development will be built on the only side of the school that isn't overlooked. In both pictures you can also see what the Triangle looked like before the council demolished the mature trees in 2015/2016.

The block missing from the above picture is clearly visible in pictures on Google Map (credit: Google). The red lines below show it. Why did the Council submit the above picture three times to the Development Committee?

It's clear to see how fenced in the school is. The proposed development will be built on the only side of the school that isn't overlooked.

In both pictures you can also see what the Triangle looked like before and after the council demolished the trees in 2015/2016.

Image credit:  Google

Those who objected to this development did not campaign against the need for more Social Housing . We agree that it's necessary and important for council stick to its promise of building 19,000 homes to tackle the waiting list. Many of the residents campaigning know someone or are themselves on the council waiting list a few have been waiting for over eight years! What we are highlighting on this website in particular through the image below the promixity of this proposed build and believe it will cause more damage that good.

This development is for 17 properties. We are not telling the council not to build, we are not holding the last patch of land in Tower Hamlets, we are asking the council to fully listen and understand the voice of the community the voice of the professional organisations all claiming the site to be unsuitable (we have to note this does not include utilities/architects/contractors etc who of course will all benefit from this project).

We know what will be left behind once the build has gone up, we know what the outlook will be in five years from how, it is so important NOW to listen to the voice of nature who will keep creating if you let her breath!

Building on this site will create, congestion, more pollution, health issues, anxiety to all directly in it's path.

WE are not against the Council building social housing we are for it. We believe this tiny patch of land will save the lives and enhance the future lives of those living around it.

The council have misled the Development Committee by not showing the true impact the development has on the Sir William Burrough school or on the existing residents.

The Council have ignored it's residents who since 2016 accidentally found out what the Council were planning for the site.

We are asking the council to fully listen and understand the voice of the community and the professional organisations who all believe the site is unsuitable (we have to note this does not include utilities/architects/contractors etc who will all benefit from this project).

Site A Rhodeswell Road today

This site used to be a football pitch!

After updating the estate with new windows, Tower Hamlets Homes kept their port-a-cabin on this site for over five years before this build started last year!

From the pictures below you can see how the development of 33 flats will completely dwarf existing buildings, it is not in keeping with the estate at all!

The balconies will hang over pedestrians walking past! The pavement is currently blocked off whilst building is underway.

This is what the council have planned for the LIMEHOUSE TRIANGLE and always wanted to build them togetherThey call these 2 sites - book ends to the canal.

They were not expecting such objections and if it hadn’t been for us campaigning – they would be building the Triangle already! 

The scale of the development is at least three storeys higher than the block it will be attached to!!

We are too late to stop this build.

But it's NOT too late for; 

Site D Rhodeswell Road. 

(The Limehouse Triangle today)

 A five and eight storey block here will dwarf everything in its vicinity! 

Below are the existing two and four storey blocks and the outlook for Carr Street residents - the developmentent will go in front of these existing blocks 


Help us make the council see this is wrong.

Sign our petition to STOP THIS DEVELOPMENT

In 2016 a resident objecting to the development received this letter below  from Mayor John Biggs office on the Limehouse Triangle


The Tower Hamlets proposed development OFFERS LIMITED SOCIAL HOUSING with the majority ‘affordable rent’ properties it will not help with the social housing need!  More social housing is needed we are non-partisan, we agree but NOT AT THE COST OF THE EXISITING COMMUNITY’S QUALITY OF LIFE, HEALTH AND WELLBEING AND CERTAINLY NOT AT A COST TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND BIO DIVERSITY.

Why build here, in an already highly populated area? 

There are many areas in Tower Hamlets in need of redevelopment!

We propose an ‘URBAN BIODIVERSITY SITE’ for the residents to help to alleviate the effects of living near East London’s busiest arteries the A13 (Commercial Road)! The Woodland Trust have even offered us free trees!

Why here

Why not here!

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